The presentation of the top-ten ranking entries in the Platform of European Memory and Conscience’s competition for a proposal of a Pan-European Memorial for the Victims of Totalitarianism in Brussels took place on the 24.5.2018 afternoon at the European Parliament in Brussels. Grega Vezjak presented his design for the memorial as well as others shortlisted authors.

The overall winner was Mr Tszwai So from Spheron Architects in the United Kingdom.

The Platform’s Managing Director Neela Winkelmann sent a letter to the participants in the presentation. She wrote, among other things: “It is through art that we can convey the most meaningful educational messages to the broadest audiences and I am pleased that our competition gave rise to so many diverse and highly qualified entries. I was humbled by the depth of meaning and variety of interpretation presented by the authors.”

The goal of the competition was to propose the first-ever pan-European memorial for all victims of 20th century totalitarianism in Europe on the Place Jean Rey, in the heart of the European district in Brussels. The memorial will also celebrate the process of European integration as an achievement made possible by learning from the lessons of the past.

Learn more about Grega Vezjak’s design here.