Construction of the Tri Ân Monument is underway in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

The Monument will be located in the Jeffersontown’s Veteran’s Memorial Park. A diverse group of citizens led by Yung Nguyen, an immigrant from Vietnam, has conceived idea of a monument of thanksgiving; a place of special recognition for the tremendous sacrifices the American and South Vietnamese Armed Forces made during the Vietnam War in order to give the Vietnamese people a chance to live in freedom. Tri-An means “deep gratitude” in the Vietnamese language. Grega Vezjak’s design was selected in January 2017 in an international competition featuring more than 120 project. The pandemic restrictions and supply chain issues delayed shipments of the 270 tons of granite needed for the memorial, but after the groundbreaking ceremony in December 2022 works are progressing steadily.

The Monument is situated on a sloping hillside site within a park with other monuments to veterans nearby. Large granite slabs are being placed on concrete foundations. Together there will be 36 solid blocks from South Vietnam granite carefully placed to form an open memorial courtyard. Construction is going well, works are scheduled to be completed this year, with the dedication ceremony planned in October. You can read more about the competition project here. Tri-An Foundation web site with Monument description is available here.